Someone in the Government must accept responsibility for the fire fiasco on Fraser Island.

If they’re not hiding behind “experts” they blame Canberra or buck passing between departments.

On Friday, the Premier said that Parks and Wildlife Services (QPWS) had the “fire under control” before Fire and Emergency services (QFES) took over.

The Minister in charge of QFES, Mark Ryan, told Parliament last week that he was “leaving it in the hands of the experts” and that “he backs the experts”.

The same Minister also ludicrously tried to blame Canberra.

He’s trying to do a Pontius Pilate and wash his hands of responsibility.

It’s Queensland fire services, fighting a Queensland fire, on a Queensland managed island, with a Queensland department totally responsible for the managing the island’s vegetation management.

If the experts are solely responsible, they should be sacked because they’ve failed the community.

Clearly their advice is wrong, it’s been a dismal failure, because half the island is burned.

Every single picture of the fire highlights a lack of management.

Someone is responsible.

If the experts are not wrong, then someone else is the problem.

The excuses are starting to pile up.

We’ve already been told that QPWS not only had the fire under control, had responded as soon as it was reported, but that the remote and inaccessible nature made containment challenging.

It wasn’t so remote and inaccessible that a fire couldn’t allegedly be lit.

The excuses don’t add up and people are demanding answers.

The Government can’t abrogate its responsibility because of this.