Since Labor’s drubbing in the Federal election the Premier is pretending to listen while at the same time the legislative response is against the regions.

I’m surprised they included a failed Labor candidate as one of their select group of 20.

It makes a mockery of the exercise.

I am not sure about the selection criteria, but this appears to be a rushed process more about window dressing and paying lip service to silence criticism from the regions.

The lack of independence of the process makes it hard not to be cynical that this is simply a political exercise.

Because a number of regional Queensland seats are at risk, they have hit the panic button twelve months out from the next state election.

They say one thing in the regions and another in Brisbane.

I judge them not on what they say but what they do.

A leopard doesn’t change it spots overnight.

A myriad list of decisions like the recent Reef laws, vegetation management laws, and the Paradise Dam fiasco shows just how much they are against the regions and places like Maryborough.

Last week’s unemployment data shows a record number of regional Queenslanders are now out of work and more than 178,000 throughout the state are officially jobless.

The Wide Bay unemployment rate of 7.3 % means that more than 8,900 residents are looking for work.

The youth unemployment rate of 18.5% is the second highest in the state.

Queensland now has the highest unemployment rate in the nation.

This is on their watch and they think they can put band aids on it with cynical posturing