It’s always exciting to see new ventures and businesses hang up their shingle in our region.

It shows the value they place on our community and region’s future.

Once a week Gympie Today will fill a void for those who treasure the ritual of sitting and reading a printed newspaper. Many have lamented the loss of holding and turning the printed pages in their hands which has been an irreplaceable and time-honoured part of their lives.

We are continually bombarded with information overload, but in some senses the new digital age can make us less connected.

A local newspaper’s role is pivotal to uniting our community and recording our highs and lows.

Otherwise the things that matter to us could go unobserved, unreported, undocumented, and unremarked upon.

I am delighted that Gympie Today will draw on experienced staff and journalists who are locals familiar with this region.

They appreciate and will give context and hold a watching brief on the issues that matter to us. It shows that Gympie Today plans to be here for the long haul.

I look forward to Gympie Today being a community notice board, as a popular way to get our news, championing causes, celebrating our community, and playing a central role in chronicling the lives and events in this region.

There is plenty of material.

I wish you much success and look forward to reading the gems unearthed in Gympie.