The State can’t keep digging this up – it’s part of the National Highway.

Basically, it’ll have to be redone.

You can’t afford to not do things right.

If this was the private sector, they would have gone bust years ago.

The appalling condition of this stretch of road is just another in a growing list of complaints about state-controlled roads.

Road maintenance by the State Government is seriously underfunded.

There was a $5.418 billion backlog in road maintenance funding more than a year ago and it is still predicted to grow. *

The Queensland Auditor General found that it should exceed $9 billion by 2027. ** That’s seven years away and we are more than halfway there.

The QAO report was scathing and found that DTMR faces a risk that it will not be able to maintain or improve service standards on the transport network to meet Queensland’s future needs.

It said the maintenance backlog means that DTMR will have to reprioritise works to address safety-related defects on its network at the expense of works to renew its assets. *** (page 6 QAO Report)

This just highlights the latest issues raised about roads such as the Mary Valley Highway.

The Minister should know.

I’ve written to him recently about the state of work on the Bruce Highway as well numerous times raised with him, DTMR and in pre-Budget submission the condition of other state controlled roads.

The Shadow Minister, Steve Minnikin, gets it.

He’s visited the region and definitely knows that our State roads are in a bad way.