I’ve always strongly supported transparency and accountability in local government.
Mismanagement, corruption, misconduct, and complaints should always be rigorously and
quickly addressed.
Above all the decisions and actions of councils and councillors should be transparent and
It appears that councillors are being restricted so much they are being treated like puppets
controlled from outside.
You need to have free speech and free thought.
You must have independence so that councillors can legitimately reflect what the community
It’s extraordinary that they are being restricted so much.
Some of the reported complaints are ridiculous, a nonsense.
Those who make frivolous and vexatious complaints need to be held accountable.
They should not be able to use it as a political tool to silence free speech and free thought or
‘get back at’ councillors they don’t like.
The keyboard warrior mentality of stifling speech and free thought will further diminish trust
in the integrity of local government.
22 October 2021
Contact: Tony Perrett 5329 5100