The State Government has been pressured to immediately withdraw its unilateral decision to close licensed gun dealers and armourers.

Member for Gympie, Tony Perrett, said that the decision on Saturday to immediately shut down and classify licensed dealers as non-essential was ludicrous and impractical.

“On Monday I wrote to the Premier calling for the urgent reversal of the shutdown,” Mr Perrett said.

“The Queensland Government added gun shops and dealers to the Federal Government list of proscribed businesses which had to close due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

“The State Government went off on its own and declared them as non-essential.

“I have been inundated with calls from people in the agriculture and pest control industries who are concerned that this will make it harder to manage their properties and operate their own businesses.

“The blanket closure was made under the cloak of the coronavirus crisis with no explanation to the industry, no notice to the affected business, and no notice to farmers and primary producers.

“It even included business that operated solely online.

“The government should be supporting farmers and primary producers, and pest controllers, to do their jobs.

“They are essential to keep Australia running during these difficult times.

“How else are we expected to produce and supply food and fibre to Australia?

“The Government shouldn’t be making it harder.

“These workers and businesses need access to weapons and ammunition to do their job.

“Guns are an essential tool of trade for control of pests such as wild dogs and pigs, for protecting crops, and for the humane termination of injured wildlife and stock.

“How did they not know that?

“It appears to have been be a knee jerk decision by those do not comprehend what it takes to operate and run businesses in rural and regional areas.

“It’s so out of touch, and impractical, that I wonder what bubble they are living in?” he said.