I don’t begrudge the Caboolture Snakes support, but the State Government must deliver for
Across the entire region the current poor state of our sports facilities has been made glaringly
obvious following the floods.
This is a growing region with families moving here and more children wanting to play sport.
Sporting groups meet with me regularly raising concern about the condition of our sports
In some cases, they are playing on what has been in place for more than 50 years.
There is an urgent need for a major upgrade of Gympie sporting facilities.
It must be delivered with support from the State Government.
That’s why I have for several years been raising this with them.
I’ve written to both the Deputy Premier and the Premier seeking support for clubs which have
been seriously impacted by the floods and for major investment in high quality facilities and
As the Minister for the Olympics the Premier has a direct input into supporting our sporting
Last year I asked her in the Parliament about what sporting infrastructure, including upgrades
of current facilities, would be considered for the Gympie Electorate.
The Premier’s commitment “to ensure legacy benefits from the Games are realised for the
region” is meaningless if she does not deliver. *
Now is her chance to demonstrate she is genuine by backing this region.