There is nothing wrong about the availability of vaccines, there is something seriously wrong about the delivery.

The problem is with Queensland Health and the Queensland Government.

We have already seen that Queensland has the second lowest vaccination rates in the country.

So other states are doing it right.

This is about the delivery of the vaccines.

I am seriously concerned about Queensland Health.

I wrote to the Health Minister, Yvette D’Ath, because people are concerned they cannot get vaccinated in Gympie at a medical practice.

Almost three weeks ago I wrote an urgent request from a local medical provider wanting authorisation to provide the vaccine.

I wrote because they were frustrated they were getting nowhere, and the total lack of transparency, information and poor management from the Department.

There has been follow up phone calls and the request was resent a week ago.

I have still not received a reply.

If you can’t get the Health Minister to reply to a simple request, marked urgent, it says a lot about the management of Queensland Health.

The experiences for locals trying to get vaccinated is frustrating.

Many say they cannot book online.

I registered with Queensland Health, Gympie Hospital was the only place listed, and you couldn’t book a vaccination spot there within 90 days.