The Minster not only refuses to release the medical evidence, but he also claims the prescribed medical conditions are the same as on a driver’s licence. * I’ve never heard of anyone missing out on a driver’s licence because of diabetes or previously having a cancer diagnosis.

Based on representations made to my office the overwhelming evidence is that things have changed.

It’s a pathetic response from a Minister not in control of his Department.

The bureaucracy runs the Minister.

It makes you wonder if there is any medical evidence at all to support the medical history questions applicants must complete. **

The Minister’s response confirms this is just another go slow by the bureaucracy and attack on law abiding weapons holders.

These are law abiding firearm holders, who’ve already had a licence.

Some of them for years.

The Minister has refused to address the stream of complaints about weapons licensing and made buck passing an art form.

When I’ve previously raised issues about the lack of progress and time it takes on a relatively straightforward process the Minister passed the buck saying it was up to the Police Commissioner.

The same Minister requires representations to go through him and not directly to the Department, and then says he has no control over what the bureaucracy is doing.

The State Government has been manufacturing delays and excuses which make dealing with Weapons Licensing a nightmare for law abiding firearm owners.

Applicants are being done over by a bureaucracy that is either going slow or making up reasons to stop people accessing a weapons licence.

The Police Minister is more interested in regulating toy guns than managing his department.

Last year toys firing water-based pellets, gel blasters, were declared a restricted item under the Weapons Act.

A year ago, the Police and Agriculture Ministers couldn’t close gun shops quick enough.

They unilaterally close licensed dealers and armourers with no notice to farmers, primary producers, or affected businesses, and no explanation to the industry.

The Agriculture Minister didn’t seem to know that people in the agriculture and pest control industries need guns to manage their properties and operate their own business.