The State Government should stop the blame shifting and support our agriculture, fishing, and forestry industries.

Member for Gympie, Tony Perrett, said the State Agriculture Minister should stop deflecting and support the sectors he is supposed to represent.

“These industries deserve better; they are pivotal to Queensland’s economic recovery.

“The Minister didn’t mention even one State issue he is responsible for in the latest attempt to deflect. *

“Predictably, he blamed the Federal Government.

“Producers, farmers, fishers, the timber industry, industry groups, and stakeholders beat a path to my door complaining about a litany of inaction, hapless incompetence, or outright support for measures which hurt the industries he’s supposed to back.

“The Minister supported draconian vegetation management laws, reef laws, closed our Agricultural Colleges, cut drought funding, presides over biosecurity failures, and didn’t support the LNP’s calls for inquiries into bushfires.

“Claims that I “crept” into the Parliament are ludicrous.

“No one can creep into the Chamber.

“It’s heavily regulated with distancing restrictions.

“I used every opportunity I was rostered for.

“The Minister and his Labor colleagues don’t want to face Parliamentary scrutiny, supported closing Parliament, guillotining Bills, and reduced sittings.

“Covid-19 is the cover.

“I reminded the Parliament about what hasn’t been done.

“Its being called to account.

“Although guns are essential tools of trade he allowed farmers being denied access to firearm retailers.

“How did he not know that?

“Not defending 18,000 beef processing workers is kowtowing to Chinese pressure.

“There’s no stimulus package to keep forestry turning.

“NSW waives licence fees for commercial fishers, the Minister refuses to consider it.

“The Queensland Coroner said the Department he presides over was deliberately obstructionist during a coronial investigation.

“Other than a picture of cattle, ‘agriculture’ is only mentioned once in the glossy brochure of Labor’s economic recovery plan.

“Wearing an Akubra means nothing when you don’t stand up when you should.

“People can see a fake, a posturing amateur, coming a mile away.