The Gympie Pistol Club has secured a $35,000 funding commitment for an infrastructure upgrade from an LNP government

LNP Member for Gympie Tony Perrett said that the funds would be used for increased safety measures at the club site at Belvedere Road, Veteran.

“It will be used for an enlarged backstop direct mound at the end of two ranges,” Mr Perrett said.

“The improvements will ensure that increased safety for patrons and neighbours to the site and that the club meets weapons licensing compliance measures.

“The club offers 18 shooting disciplines to its more than 220 men and women members across varied ages.

“Two ranges are currently inactive until significant earthworks can be completed.

“These include locating a backstop at the end of ranges two and three that will ensure safety for club members and nearby neighbours.

“The dirt backstop will be increased to 6.5 metres to ensure that compliance and the all the ranges can be fully used again.

“Under an LNP government we are committed to providing the grassroots infrastructure that will allow sporting and community groups to thrive,” he said.