The high rates of chronic diseases are not shocking.
What is shocking is the state government didn’t see this and do something about it.
They reflect locals’ inability to access preventative and treatment health services and the
average age of our population.
The region’s low socio-economic demographic is one of the lowest in the state.
According to the 2016 census the median household income is $967 compared to $1,402 in
the state.
Almost 30% of the electorate (28.5%) has a gross weekly income of less than $650 compared
to 19.5% in Queensland.
On top of that our median age of 46 is nine years above the state average of 37, and from
aged 50 years and above our population is older than the state average.
Many locals can’t afford the types of services and lifestyle choices which can prevent or
reduce the rates of chronic disease.
They can’t afford them or stretch their budgets any further.
They rely on the local hospital to deliver.
These disease rates have existed without Covid-19 and will only be exacerbated when Covid
This is why we need the Queensland government to stop dragging the chain and provide the
level of health care services our region deserves.
Problems with our local health services have been occurring for years.
On every measure Queensland health is in a crisis and the problems have been there for
You can’t not provide the new hospital.
Work needs to start on planning for a new hospital now.
1 November 2021