I am concerned about the rate of uptake.
Gympie will be at risk of localised lockdowns after December 17 unless of course the
Premier changes her mind again.
The low rate is a direct result of the Government’s both mixed messaging and
It has scared people about vaccinations, indulged in political blame games, double standards,
and mismanaged the roll out in Gympie.
The Premier and the Chief Health Officer are culpable because they compromised the
Regardless of pretending the Premier refused to have an Astra Zeneca jab when she was
entitled to, and the CHO only was vaccinated after she was called out.
The CHO’s alarmist claims about the risk dying further compromised any take up.
Their behaviour put the scare into people.
On top of that the roll out in Gympie has been less than desirable.
It’s been mishandled locally, and the state is the worst in the nation.
They’ve made lots of announcements, provided little encouragement, and made it difficult to
We were told to register on websites that didn’t work, our vaccination hub was on, off, and
then delayed for a month.
Last weekend’s hub at our local Bunnings which was only open for four hours each day
vaccinated 160 people.
It’s frustrating for everyone.
When the roll out first started locals couldn’t get through to the site to register, and then when
they were registered couldn’t book a local appointment.
In a four-day turn around we had an on and off vaccination hub which was then delayed for
another month.
In June a media release at the beginning of the week said a hub would open the following
By the Friday, another release said it was pushed out to the end of July, four weeks later.
There’s a lack of trust with the Premier and CHO who were more concerned about letting in
NRL wives and girlfriends (WAGS) from Covid hotspots.
The Premier was only vaccinated so she could go to the Olympics.
She won’t let people travel interstate, let alone overseas, so many have thought what’s the
The Health Minister and Premier are quick to blame everyone else for their bumbling and
stuff ups.
The Minister took until July to respond to representations made two months earlier on behalf
of Gympie doctors who wanted to be able to provide vaccinations.
It’s slow, it’s inept, it’s ponderous and it’s unacceptable for what is supposed to be a major
public health service.
They’ve mucked it up locally and now they don’t understand why the take up is so slow.
No wonder people lost confidence and are hesitant.
If they don’t get a vaccination that’s their choice, their risk.
I am vaccinated and I encourage people to get vaccinated.
It’s the only pathway out of the economic, financial, and social stress caused by the
19 October 2021
Contact: Tony Perrett 5329 5100