“I have received no advice from the Minister for Education whether local Gympie schools are even included in the air-conditioning roll out.

“Despite trumpeting that all schools in the Wide Bay are to be air-conditioned the Government has overlooked Gympie.

“Gympie is apparently no longer part of the Wide Bay.

“We are left off the map.

“Wide Bay now stops at the Labor electorate of Maryborough.

“The announcement is clearly more about propping up Labor members and candidates in target seats.

“It’s cynical politics.

“I am committed to delivering the LNP policy to air-condition every state school in this electorate.

“We announced our policy in June last year and the Government is only making announcements 19 months later.

“Cool kids tend to be smarter and are able to better learn.

“The LNP wants our kids to have the best education, but it’s hard to work in a sweltering classroom.

“It’s not fair on hard working teachers.

“Temperatures are set to soar this week in Gympie with 37degrees forecast for Friday.

“That means our students will be sitting in classrooms, high school students will be sitting for exams, and teachers will be teaching in sweltering temperatures.

“I have written to the Minister asking why Gympie state schools miss out.