It’s a failure of government policy.

The government has been trying to blame the broader public when the reality is a fire won’t burn without fuel.

It needs something to burn.

It’s not new to light a fire.

It’s a natural thing for people to do – to set up a campfire when camping.

There have been fires in other national parks.

The common denominator is the fuel loads which have been caused by mismanagement in those parks by the Government.

It has been negligent in managing the vegetation.

The reality is these are parks changed landscapes with new vegetation, weeds, and introduced plants.

It’s no good locking them up.

From their office towers in Brisbane, they are trying to blame everyone else Their only solution is to blame everyone else and shut everything down because of their own mismanagement.

This is about the policies of government.

Ministers have no clear understanding of what to do, and no understanding of the parks.

It ends up with park officers trying to second guess what the government and Ministers might want to do.

It’s a mess.

Sadly, we’ll have failures again.

We’ll have catastrophic fires because of their continuing mismanagement.