The Premier has been called on to urgently lift restrictions which are stopping sporting clay shooters from practicing their sport.

Member for Gympie, Tony Perrett, said that Gympie Sporting Clays have been advised that under Covid-19 Health Directive restrictions members of the Queensland Sporting Clays Association are still not allowed to practice their sport.

“I have therefore written to the Premier today calling on her to urgently lift the restrictions,” she said.

“When the State Government announced it was easing restrictions on social activities and its anticipated roadmap, it relaxed those on playing outdoor sports such as golf and tennis.

“It did not mention shooting.

“These rules would apply to every shooting discipline, not just clay shooting.

“This is ludicrous.

“Unlike tennis, where players share contact with the tennis ball, participants have no contact with other shooters or their equipment at all.

“They carry their own ammunition, their own weapons, and no one is near them when they shoot.

“The sport uses guns, so obviously members must already adhere to safe social distancing.

“Gympie Sporting Clays is conducted outdoors, requires one person to be at one of the approximately five stations which makes them about 8-10 metres apart from each other.

“Clearly this separation meets social distancing parameters.

“How much more do they want?

“There is no identifiable or logical reason to still have these measures in place.

“No wonder people are increasingly frustrated with the Government’s double standards and contradictory restrictions which lack any common sense and practicality,” he said.