I’m concerned this is another reduction in services which I wasn’t informed about.

I am constantly being contacted by constituents and the medical profession concerned about declining services, and in some cases the removal of services altogether.

No one finds out until they notice a change in what is provided or a loss of services.

This looks like is just the latest in a stealthy attempt to cut back local services.

I received a delegation of local doctors concerned about the reduction in surgeries at Gympie hospital and the loss of specialist services.

Others have raised concerns about the reduction in services at the emergency department.

At the Gympie Show members of the medical profession came up to me at my stand raising more concerns.

This can’t keep going on.

Whenever you ask a question, you are met with secrecy and cover ups, or stalling.

In March I requested a meeting with the Sunshine Coast Health and Hospital Board.

They agreed to meet but still cannot give me a time.

It can’t be that hard.

The review of Gympie and the Cooloola Coast’s health care needs was due in February last year.

We’ve seen nothing.

Last week I again asked a Question on Notice in Parliament about when the review will be released. *

Last year the Minister said it was because of Covid yet the review should have been completed before Covid. **

The Master Clinical Service Plan was due for completion by late last year with Phase 1 in March 2020.

A year later and still nothing.

It’s not as if the Government doesn’t know people are concerned.

Last Thursday I again raised in Parliament our concerns about local health services. *** We need to know what is going on and what is the real plan for Gympie